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Uaïa materials
Uaïa: Calm and tranquility.  Uaïa: The noise of the sea, the colors, the nature and the inspiration. Welcome to Uaïa, a world of jewels where anything is possible!
Want to know more about our philosophy?
In Uaïa we design two annual collections, but our main objective is that each one wears the jewel that most desires. Everything is customizable and possible. We make pieces for both day-to-day and special occasions, but also for important events such as weddings, communions and baptisms. Oh! And most importantly, all our material comes from nearby workshops, for us it is very important to work with proximity products. Everything is sterling silver 925 or sterling silver with gold/rose gold bath. Still, we adapt to your proposals and we can also value working with other materials if there are possible allergies.
Uaïa is inspiration, tenderness, love… Especially marine characteristics, since ‘ UAÏA ‘ means ‘ small beach ‘ in a language of South-America in extinction risk. That’s why all our collections bear the name of an island or a coastal place. And that’s why each jewel also has the name of one of the coves in this place. In this way you will find the Cadaqués, Formentera, Menorca or Cap de Creus collection, among others. And Jewls like Macarella, Galdana, Prona or Roquetes.
We are Andrea and Marta and we love the sea and everything we have related and we also love to take care of the smallest detail of everything we do. That’s why all the packaging is done by us, design by design, so it also makes it even more unique and own.
What? Do you come to live this adventure with us?

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