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Uaïa Qui som

Uaïa - About us

We are Andrea and Marta, two friends that between one thing and the other at the end we have become partners!

Uaïa starts being a hobby and ends up becoming the illusion of our day to day life. Uaïa: ‘cala’ in a South American language in danger of extinction. Uaïa: calm and tranquility. Uaïa: the noise of the sea, the colors, the nature and the inspiration.

Me, Andrea, I am a Pediatric nurse and I do all the possible shifts, but I still have some hours to be able to do Uaïa! And not only that! Whenever something must be organized … if you do not know who organizes the answer is easy… Andrea!

And me, Marta, I am an Audiovisual Communicator, I love architecture, design, decoration and “since I did not have any work” I decided to embark on this project where my goal is to make small things like Uaïa become great!

It turns out that after many years of being friends (we went together in the kindergarten!) We have met… and now we are unstoppable! We have many similarities with things, telepathy many times, easy to decide things because we always like the same… Wow, what better team could we not form, right?

When we were small we made stalls, one in Llançà and the other in Cadaqués, but now we have come back to form Uaïa! You can find us in different markets and here, in order to give the best of us and to make your wishes wish come true.

So, now that you know us a little more… Welcome to our world!

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