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Uaïa C.B uses cookies on its website. The cookie is a small text file that stores information about the user. The cookie stored on the server’s hard drive can only be read by this website. It is not an executable file nor can it propagate or contain a virus.

Cookies will be stored on your computer’s hard drive temporarily or until you delete them.

The user can configure their browser to accept or reject cookies; However, Uaïa C.B does not guarantee the proper functioning of this page in case of disabling cookies.

Third party cookies

This website uses Google Analytics statistics system. This solution can use cookies to analyze what happens on our website.

In addition, the use of cookies allows us to analyze and improve the performance of advertising communications, as well as to measure the effectiveness of the different media that make up a campaign.

You can learn more about the Google Analytics privacy policy at the following link:

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