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How to take care with your jewel

In Uaïa each little gem is created from an idea that, little by little, we are perfecting. All the material that forms each of the jewels is made in Barcelona workshops. For us it is very important to always look for the product and the raw material of proximity.

The material we use is 925 sterling silver, sterling silver plated in gold / rose gold or ruthenium. The bath of gold on silver is 18kt.

Almost all metals with the passage of time tend to darken. To clean them we recommend rubbing them with an old toothbrush, baking soda and mild soap. In the market there are also special products to clean jewelry.

We always advise to avoid the contact of the pieces with perfumes, creams, water and, above all, chemical products such as bleach or ammonia (whether the jewel of silver, brass, stones …). The more we take care of our jewels, the more time we will be able to look pretty like the first day.

It is also advisable to keep them in a clean and dry place, inside their original box or bag where they can not be scratched.

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